Sad Poems

Daily Chores


Last night my father past away

I'd like to sit and grieve all day

But even though my Father's dead

Still the chickens must be fed

And someone's got to milk the cows

And help my mother clean the house

There's extra bread we'll have to bake

For friends who'll come to Father's wake

And when he's lying in the ground

The cost of his funeral must be found

With Father's death so much will change

But daily chores remain the same.


Andy Walker


 Every Time

Every time you leave me

It cuts me up inside

When I know that you've deceived me

Its like a part of me has died

And I don't see any way that we

Can keep our love alive

When you know that I can't live with all your lies


Is it me? Am I the one to blame?

Have I failed you? Is that why I feel ashamed?

If I'd listened more. If I'd given more

Would you have still behaved the same?

I love you girl but you're driving me insane.


I try to heal my wounded pride but I know its all in vain

How can I hold my head up high when your causing me this pain

And I'm feeling ill, I feel like I could kill

I know you've been with him again

And I still want you back, I've got to be insane.


Andy Walker